About Us

BuddhaBooth's founder, Francine


BuddhaBooth is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, portable quiet spaces. We utilize our comprehensive expertise and team of specialized professionals to research and develop products that are innovative, on-trend and compelling to consumers across many demographics. We are committed to growing and sustaining a socially responsible company composed of dedicated people handpicked for their talent and passion. Our goal is to deliver quiet spaces for noisy places, of the highest standard that fulfills the individual needs, desires, and aspirations of our discerning customers.


BuddhaBooth aspires to provide serene products to our customers that meet and anticipate their every need.  We build strong relationships with vendors and partners based on integrity, mutual respect and transparency while fostering a growing and profitable company.


Francine is an innovative lifestyle guru. Her aha moment to create BuddhaBooths came to her like a lightning bolt after days of sensory overload and sleep deprivation working a taxing job on the road. As a serial entrepreneur, prior to founding BuddhaBooth, she spent her time consulting and developing business for international companies such as La Playa Insurance and Source-Lifestyle, as well as nurturing her line of eco-friendly artisan packaging, Fabrilopes. She is perpetually inspired by her diverse clients and loves navigating the ins and outs of the art world.

Francine’s soul work is embedded in her not-for-profit organization, Art and Soul New York, which provides a platform for individuals to heal by way of painting, drawing, writing, meditation,  yoga, reiki, and other holistic healing modalities.

Her greatest joy is being a Mom to three amazing children and sharing a rich, meaningful and lovable life with them.



At BuddhaBooth our business philosophy involves the pillars of integrity, transparency, and professionalism above all else. We hold our customers and our partners in the highest esteem and take pride in the collaborative, challenging and rewarding environment that we nurture in our spaces.



Currently part of the Center for Social Innovation’s Women’s Lab, the business model is to design, build and provide the immersive booths for sale or rent in places ranging from corporate offices, music festivals, hospital waiting areas, women's shelters and girls' homes.  In addition to making the booths, we offer an integrative wellness/healing arts program in various environments.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to programs to benefit survivors of DV.